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Muhammed Shamil | Dazling Model
From Lady Gaga Fans
Is Justin Bieber a girl or a boy?
7 Common Mistakes Made by New Models
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Muhammed Shamil | Dazling Model

         Shamil is a rare model I have ever seen in my whole career. Everything is linked in his soul and body and a self talented boy .His body language reveals that he is a Professional Artist. He can dance he can act , he can do yoga , and even he can teach others also these things. His parents are fully support in his career .His mother is so active and social .Shamil is from Gujarat Porbanthar India .He is studying in his 9th class .
      The his activities live and find how cute is his activities , tricks and methods will catch everyone


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From Lady Gaga Fans

Lady Gaga is a pop star who surprises each of her albums. His look is also observed as his pieces. The latest one is "The Cure". Let's start with his discovery. A declaration of love in good and due form. This is the translation of the lyrics of this single. The song has a heady music with like a whistle in the background and finger snaps for the tempo. The lyrics are simple enough to understand. The pop star returns here to his basics to know a song that advocates love and that makes you want to dance.
It is hard to see how she could be as extravagant as usual on such a piece, at the dress level. The song can be a bit destabilizing by its a little more commercial aspect than those that its fans have got used to hearing. Indeed, #Music is a mixture of Rnb and pop, which seems to be the line of conduct from Do What U Want, from the album Artpop released in November 2013. The piece begins quite gently almost like a poem Then explodes at the f.

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Is Justin Bieber a girl or a boy?

This 30 minute you tube video give you sceintific evidences about the justification.Justine Bieber is actually a female. NOT a male. YouTube the video, irrefutable proof that Justine Bieber is a girl. See for yourself.


This article actually does not give me any happiness about Mr Justin is a girl.But it was actually a shocking for me to hear this.Justin Bieber is a woman. If you are a boy, then you have male features and if you are a girl, you have female features. Justin Bieber has no male features, she has female features therefore she is a girl. Justin went through surgery to transform her vagina into a penis.Read More

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