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Why Not India

Hello Viewers

I am going to write about an article about a subject who will never like to tollerate . You can take this as answer to a question which every Indians asked during and after the Olympics-2016.Yes the quesion was about 1 among this 130 Crore people.but halas there is no one to win a gold medel.The same thing happen in case of art culture fields.There are so many children like to grow and continue and to live in the indian culture .but the chances are very less.Or even goverment is not doing any organization to find the talentship of these children.If some where a boy or girl make a succes its only because of his or her own ability .No any support from authority even by finantial or cultural We Indians are 130 Crore next to china ...in that 60 % comprises youngsters of about 13-18 aged.As you all know India is the .

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Jawaharlal Nehru (Chachaji of Children)

            He was also a freedom fighter of our countries. He was best friend of Jinna and Gandhiji.Jawahar Lal Nehru was the first prime minister of India. He liked children very much. He put forward so many steps for the children when he was the minister. Children liked him to call in the name Chachaji.It decided to celebrate his birthday November-14 as children's day. He wrote so many books. More site links about Nehruji.
Jawaharlal Nehru
Prime Minister of India from 1947 to 1964
It is then the minds and the hearts of men that have to be approached for mutual understanding, knowledge and appreciation of each other and through the proper kind of education [...] But we have seen that education by itself does not necessarily lead to a conversion of minds towards peaceful purposes. Something more is necessary, new standards, new values and perhaps a kind of spiritual background and a feeling of commonness of mankind.
Address on.

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               We use this page to pay my gratitude to all our friends from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sreelanka.
We remember this time all the unknown friends from Europe Japan and America who gave me good support and guidelines for the renewal and modifications of necessary pages and contents of this small tribute to our child artists from our countries. Our sincere thanks to all friends who gave the necessary publicity to our site in Europe, America and Japan. Please help us to increase visitors to our website by telling friends of yours. We are very grateful to you for your kindness in advance.
               We are in a new look and feel in our new domain celebrityfreakz.com suitab.

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