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Welcome to the wonderful world of Bangla Modelsİ

         Welcome to the wonderful world of Bangla Models©
Cutest boy models from India Pakistan Srilanka and Bangladesh
Here you will not find a weed filled forest but a well-trimmed garden of natural earthly delights.
         Our motto is to present you with new exclusive boy models every week. We are not interested in having the same models all the time. We don’t want to bore or annoy you
our valued members.
         Our discerning photographers only choose the best and the cutest boy-models.
         Boys from Asia and occasionally, boy models from our guest photographers from around the World.
         None of our images are altered digitally so what you see is all natural beauty.
         At last your long quest is over.You have found what you have been looking for..

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Be A Model

Child modeling is not entirely same as modeling with adults. There are certain aspects of child modeling that parents aspiring to establish their children in the modeling world need to take into consideration.

A successful child model needs to have the following qualifications.

1. A child who appears younger than her age has the opportunity to feature in advertisements depicting younger roles. Handling really young children is a difficulty for ad makers, and the younger looking child models have the advantage of the maturity to understand the directions given to them.

2. The child needs to possess a charming personality; they must be sociable and comfortable around strangers.

3 Not only ad-films, but photo modeling requires some acting. So a child with acting abilities or the skill to express emotions as per directions have a definite plus point. It is a good idea to provide them with formal training in singing, dancing and ac.

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The Great Great Indian Culture

As told about our Indian culture, we felt an extra ordinary energy in veins. The serene nature, cool climate, rivers, oceans, various natural recourses including God's own country etc. are our gems. In the case of arts and literature, the ancient Indian was playing a vital role. We consider "Matha, Pitha, Guru Daivam" means father, mother and teachers are equal to God. Several Kings ruled the ancient India. It was one of the golden periods among the people. But it was end by the invasions of foreigners. On the other hand it is also beneficial for us. We have a good relationship between teacher and student. The teachers consider his students as his son or daughter. In the early ages, parents sent their children into teachers home for study. The children were stay there to complete studying. Only he goes his home after complete course. Teacher home was the classroom, known as Gurukulam. The students from Gurukulam become a successful man in his life with a number of abilities. .

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