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Is Justin Bieber a girl or a boy?

This 30 minute you tube video give you sceintific evidences about the justification.Justine Bieber is actually a female. NOT a male. YouTube the video, irrefutable proof that Justine Bieber is a girl. See for yourself.


This article actually does not give me any happiness about Mr Justin is a girl.But it was actually a shocking for me to hear this.Justin Bieber is a woman. If you are a boy, then you have male features and if you are a girl, you have female features. Justin Bieber has no male features, she has female features therefore she is a girl. Justin went through surgery to transform her vagina into a penis.Absolutely a girl. He's part of this Jew-planned transgender agenda they are pushing on us. They want society to become so depraved and evil that we will accept anything no matter how wrong. Also goes with their worship of the androgynous Baphomet...like the Olympics show, Bruce Gender etc....this is getting insane and the Jew-media is helping right along, trying to make it appear OK and that you must be a bigot piece of **** if you don't accept and praise degenerate and psycho behavior.Yea it is true females have indent marks above the belly button. And bieber has female indent marks

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