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The Great Great Indian Culture

Tuesday, October 4, 2016- By admin

As told about our Indian culture, we felt an extra ordinary energy in veins. The serene nature, cool climate, rivers, oceans, various natural recourses including God's own country etc. are our gems. In the case of arts and literature, the ancient Indian was playing a vital role. We consider "Matha, Pitha, Guru Daivam" means father, mother and teachers are equal to God. Several Kings ruled the ancient India. It was one of the golden periods among the people. But it was end by the invasions of foreigners. On the other hand it is also beneficial for us. We have a good relationship between teacher and student. The teachers consider his students as his son or daughter. In the early ages, parents sent their children into teachers home for study. The children were stay there to complete studying. Only he goes his home after complete course. Teacher home was the classroom, known as Gurukulam. The students from Gurukulam become a successful man in his life with a number of abilities. Not only he study lessons from Gurukulam, but also wrestling, martial arts, literature, painting, music etc. That’s why our parents became an ultimate expert. To increase mental health of children, the teacher teach him Yoga. In some Gurukulam, the master was specialized in Mantras and Ayurvedic Medicines. We think that they might have a powerful Sixth Sense. After finishing their long year class, the student gave nothing in money or other prices. His fee was only one Dashina (a betel leaf and areca nut ). This has a great value in our culture. The mater didn’t try to make any money. Do you thing that Gurukulam was in town? No. It was situated in middle of hard forest consist thousands of wild animals. But no one were fear about it. Because they believed that the God will save them from all disasters. And we are also their followers. We all Indians 101 % feel proud to be born and die in this soul itself 
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Be A Model

Tuesday, October 4, 2016- By Admin

Child modeling is not entirely same as modeling with adults. There are certain aspects of child modeling that parents aspiring to establish their children in the modeling world need to take into consideration.

A successful child model needs to have the following qualifications.

1. A child who appears younger than her age has the opportunity to feature in advertisements depicting younger roles. Handling really young children is a difficulty for ad makers, and the younger looking child models have the advantage of the maturity to understand the directions given to them.

2. The child needs to possess a charming personality; they must be sociable and comfortable around strangers.

3 Not only ad-films, but photo modeling requires some acting. So a child with acting abilities or the skill to express emotions as per directions have a definite plus point. It is a good idea to provide them with formal training in singing, dancing and acting.

4. The child needs to enjoy the work and like what they are doing. If the modeling is what just the parent wants and the child does not yearn for it, then things may not work out. The child model needs to be focused and able to meet the demands of the work. This is possible only if the child itself is eager to do the modeling work.

4 The child needs to have someone readily available to take them to castings and assignments.

5 They need to have flexible schedules at school, or the permission to be absent from the school occasionally to take up assignments. Hence, the school authorities need to be supportive and accommodating. Also, the child will need to be able to handle the pressure of academics and maintain acceptable grades along with the modeling work.

5 The parents need to understand that they should not throw instructions at the child during a shoot unless specifically asked to do so. This hinders the shoot and also might interfere with the desired outcome.

Opportunities for child modeling are scarce, the requirement for child models is limited. Not many agencies are willing to represent children, and even if they do, they promote them as “talents” and not as models. This is simply because there is not much mainstream demand for child models and the child needs to be able to do more than just look nice in advertisements in order to get substantial work. Moreover, the child models are not paid as much as the adult models are. This should be borne in mind by the parents before their child embarks upon a career in modeling.

Children change very rapidly. They lose teeth or may get braces, or grow into a different size than the client desires. The agency handling the child needs to be updated about such sudden alterations. 

A reputed professional photographer should be hired to provide a few good quality photos of the child. They must not be "glamour", "portrait" or "fashion" style. Local photographers and “Internet photographers” lack the competence to shoot them. 

Finally, a word of caution. A parent should be alert and steer clear of agencies that sell fraudulent promises of acquiring a thriving career for the children by offering modeling classes, portfolios, and admittance to modeling conventions. These are no good and are only scams to make money out of credulous parents. The parents should only look for the guidance of only those agencies that are involved in booking children as models. P
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Bangla Modelsİ

Tuesday, October 4, 2016- By Admin

         Welcome to the wonderful world of Bangla Models©
Cutest boy models from India Pakistan Srilanka and Bangladesh
Here you will not find a weed filled forest but a well-trimmed garden of natural earthly delights.
         Our motto is to present you with new exclusive boy models every week. We are not interested in having the same models all the time. We don’t want to bore or annoy you
our valued members.
         Our discerning photographers only choose the best and the cutest boy-models.
         Boys from Asia and occasionally, boy models from our guest photographers from around the World.
         None of our images are altered digitally so what you see is all natural beauty.
         At last your long quest is over.You have found what you have been looking for.So what are you waiting for? Enter our world of beautiful boys.
         Click on the “Agents” button and follow the simple instructions to become a member. You can even join anonymously ! 9 new exclusive galleries with at least one new model added every week!

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Monday, October 10, 2016- By John


               We use this page to pay my gratitude to all our friends from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sreelanka.
We remember this time all the unknown friends from Europe Japan and America who gave me good support and guidelines for the renewal and modifications of necessary pages and contents of this small tribute to our child artists from our countries. Our sincere thanks to all friends who gave the necessary publicity to our site in Europe, America and Japan. Please help us to increase visitors to our website by telling friends of yours. We are very grateful to you for your kindness in advance.
               We are in a new look and feel in our new domain celebrityfreakz.com suitable to our new generation viewers too because our site runs for past 15 years in deferent domain names.We have  9 galleries added every fridayswith 3  images each. The bandwidth of this site is about 5Gb per month. We will add a special gift gallery from Bangladesh in the home page to show the beauty of that country. There are so many friends, agencies, photographers, TV channels, Movie makers participated in this attempt by contributing their efforts and knowledge to setup the contents of this site make rich. The technical adviser cum designer Mr.J.Joseph took special interest to complete the design of this site and its data base section. His innovation and talent ship remember at this time. Our main photographer from Bangladesh, our historian Joseph and Arun helped us very much to complete the work of honey-drops an asset of Indian Peninsula. Special thanks to Dr.Mrs Jorly B.A.M.S who gave us valuable information about Ayurvedic Medicines and other treatments in Ayurveda.Mr.Saji with his valuable advices helped us to fill site the information about Karate,Kalari and Other martial arts.
               We had to adopt some images from other sites for the demonstration purpose of ayurveda,Indian traditional and cultural heritages. We here with express our gratitude and courtesy at this moment for their valuable help. We have tried to add their site links in our site. Those webmasters who wish to add their website names as are welcomed. In this edition we had added more pages about children activities. Users can also enter in each pages suggestions.


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Jawaharlal Nehru (Chachaji of Children)

Monday, October 10, 2016- By Samkutty

            He was also a freedom fighter of our countries. He was best friend of Jinna and Gandhiji.Jawahar Lal Nehru was the first prime minister of India. He liked children very much. He put forward so many steps for the children when he was the minister. Children liked him to call in the name Chachaji.It decided to celebrate his birthday November-14 as children's day. He wrote so many books. More site links about Nehruji.
Jawaharlal Nehru
Prime Minister of India from 1947 to 1964
It is then the minds and the hearts of men that have to be approached for mutual understanding, knowledge and appreciation of each other and through the proper kind of education [...] But we have seen that education by itself does not necessarily lead to a conversion of minds towards peaceful purposes. Something more is necessary, new standards, new values and perhaps a kind of spiritual background and a feeling of commonness of mankind.
Address on the occasion of his visit to UNESCO, September 1962
More Links about Chachaji...
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Why Not India

Wednesday, October 19, 2016- By admin

Hello Viewers

I am going to write about an article about a subject who will never like to tollerate . You can take this as answer to a question which every Indians asked during and after the Olympics-2016.Yes the quesion was about 1 among this 130 Crore people.but halas there is no one to win a gold medel.The same thing happen in case of art culture fields.There are so many children like to grow and continue and to live in the indian culture .but the chances are very less.Or even goverment is not doing any organization to find the talentship of these children.If some where a boy or girl make a succes its only because of his or her own ability .No any support from authority even by finantial or cultural We Indians are 130 Crore next to china ...in that 60 % comprises youngsters of about 13-18 aged.As you all know India is the only number one country where the number of movies produce per year is more than 1500 per month.but still the chances for these youngsters are very less in these movies.The rolls created for them are also very less.I created this website for the talented children who like to show their talent on screen.
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Cute Hair Styles For Boys

Monday, October 24, 2016- By admin

For every young men, making a great impression with fashion, it’s like a very desirable thing for them. Do something different, cool, and new with their appearance — such as outfits and hairstyles — its quite fun and kinda stoked! for the hairstyles, young men wouldn’t have to worry, just because there are many awesome hairstyles for young men.

Youthful is the best time for everything in a lifetime! in this age, young men should be more creative and feel free for fashion!

From short to long, for casual to formal events, usual to fantastic hairstyles, it’s all are available  for young men. Without any fuss, let’s take a look some ideas of young men’s hairstyles that you can select below!

Buzz Cut

The buzz cut can be achieved easily at home with a pair of electric clippers. The sides and top are all a single short length. The buzz cut is a great choice if you are looking for a low maintenance hairstyle.

The Skinhead

Here’s another ideas of young mens hairstyles; The skinhead! Low cost and ease of construction are the prime advantages of this style. In the 1980s, it was seen on soccer grounds and since then was accepted worldwide. Soldiers, Nazis and Liverpudlians are the main adherents of this style.

Short Spiky Hairstyle

A short spiky hairstyle is the hairstyle of choice for the young men who does not have all day to fuss with his hair. Short spiky hair is very easy to accomplish, as well as maintain. To achieve this look, start by visiting your stylist or barber and asking for a shaped to fit contoured style cut. You want to make sure that the sides are full and the cut is tapered at your neckline. The front and top of this hairstyle should be cut short so that it can stand up and be combed off of the forehead. The sideburns are left long and tapered. If your hair is very thick, you may need some selective thinning so that you can create the necessary spikes.

To styling; you can use a dab of mouse or hair gel on the fingertips; the styling product is then run through the hair in an upward direction to achieve spikes. If a male wants to keep a short length but with a bit more style and edge, a short spiky hairstyle will do the trick.

The Quiff

The front hair were differently styled than the rest. They were also dyed in a different color than the rest. Although, this style was hugely popular, it is not inherently good.

Preppy Hairstyle

If you have straight or wavy hair with a bit of length you have a number of styling options, one of which is a preppy hairstyle. Well, let me tell you that you need to spend some time for styling your hair in case you opt for one. Again the side swept look is popular with this. Also asymmetrical bangs or straight across cut bangs are essential to make this the perfect hairstyle. When rightly styled hair, it ultimately frames your face and gives a classy look.

Emo Hairstyle

To get emo hairstyles deep cropped hair look with spikes look great. Sleek shaggy hairstyles, which are parted at side and dyed black are common emo haircuts. You can also go for long or medium hair, by cutting them into deep crops, and keeping the back and sides longer, while the bangs small.

The Mohawk Hairstyle

The Mohawk hairstyle is the commonly used punk hairstyle by guys. In this style, the sides of the head are shaved off and a strip of hair is maintained in the center. It is considered to be a high maintenance style due to the effort which goes into the careful and clean shaving.

Layered Styles with Bangs

To get these cool hairstyles for young men, you will need to cut your hair into layers, and then cut long side bangs that come till your eyebrow level. To make your hair ends look soft and wispy, run a razor over all the hair sections.

In case of boys the trends changes once in a 25 years.In India now the trend is the hair style of 1980s.Every where we look we see the same kind of hairstyles.but it still never made any bordomn .
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Tips For Submitting Photos to Modeling Agencies

Monday, October 24, 2016- By admin

Many new and even experienced models think if they just pop their photos in the mail or attach them to an email that’s all they need to do.  But, many of them don’t realize that it’s not only the photos that agencies are looking at.  It is also HOW a model's photos are presented to them.  How you send your photos says a great deal about you, and it’s always something that agents consider when a model presents their photos. 

If you send your photos in a sloppy fashion, then it makes agents wonder if you are sloppy as well.  If you don’t pay attention to detail, or you are too familiar or casual in your email or letter, rather than professional and business-like, it makes agents wonder if you will be too familiar or casual with their clients.  

Essentially, there are four ways to send your photos to local and international modeling agencies.   You can send them yourself by email or mail, have your existing mother agency send them, have an online model scouting company send them for you, or try your luck with social media. 

Having an experienced agent or professional model scouting company do the work for you is always the best and most professional way for you to get your photos seen by top modeling agencies.  However, if you want to do it yourself it's important to do it properly.  

Many new and even experienced models think if they just pop their photos in the mail or attach them to an email that’s all they need to do.  But, many of them don’t realize that it’s not only the photos that agencies are looking at.  It is also HOW a model's photos are presented to them.  How you send your photos says a great deal about you, and it’s always something that agents consider when a model presents their photos. 

If you send your photos in a sloppy fashion, then it makes agents wonder if you are sloppy as well.  If you don’t pay attention to detail, or you are too familiar or casual in your email or letter, rather than professional and business-like, it makes agents wonder if you will be too familiar or casual with their clients.  

Here are the top 7 tips for submitting your photos to modeling agencies:

1 Check How The Agency Accepts Submissions

Henglein and Steets/Getty Images
Before sending your photos out to multiple agencies, check to see how they accept photo submissions. Some may only accept photos by email and others only by mail. Follow their instructions to the letter. If you send your photos by email and they only accept mailed submissions you’ve gone to a lot of effort to show the agents that you can’t follow directions.

2 Check That The Agency Accepts Your Type

A-Digit/Getty Images
Be sure to only send your photos to agencies that accept your particular type.  There is no sense in submitting photos to male modeling agencies if you are a female model and vice versa. You are just wasting your time and the agency's.

Top 12 Types of Female Models - What Type Are You?

Top 10 Types of Male Models - What Type Are You?

3 Just The Facts

As tempting as it may be to tell the agents how long you have dreamed of becoming a model and the rest of your life story, in the beginning, all they want to know are the basic facts, which are:

a) Your Name

b) Age

c) Height

d) Measurements (bust, waist and hips for women, and waist and jacket size for men)

e) Current Location

f) Contact Information (phone numbers, email address)

f) Citizenship (where your passport was issued)

g) Agencies currently representing you, if any

When sending your photos by email be sure to include ALL of this information in your email.  If you are mailing your photos it is important to have this information on the back of EACH photo, that way, if your photos get separated from each other or your cover letter, then the agents will still know who you are and how to contact you.

What Type of Photos Do Modeling Agencies Want From New Models?

4 Check The Size of Your Photos

Tetra Images/Yuri Arcurs/Getty Images
If you are sending your photos by email, be sure they are not too large.  1MB per photo should be the maximum, 500 KB is better.  If you're photos are too large they can take too long to download and your email could end up being deleted before your photos are reviewed.

Do not send your photos in a zip file or send just a link to your personal website.  No one wants a virus on their computer so agents will probably never open the file or click the link.

5 Address Each Agency Individually

A-Digit/Getty Images
Take the time to address each agency individually in your email or cover letter.  For example, begin your letter or email with "Dear XYZ Models,".

Never, and I mean never, send out a generic email with the email addresses of numerous agencies listed in the "cc" section of the email. No one likes to think they weren't your first choice and that goes double for agents.  Besides, it's just plain unprofessional, no matter what industry you are in. 

Modeling Resumes - How To Prepare or Not Prepare a Model Resume

6 Pay Attention to Detail

Getty Images
Agents like smart models.  So, be sure to check every detail such as, grammar and spelling (use your spell check).  If you are mailing photos, the way you address the envelope is also important. If you are handwriting your envelope or cover letter be sure it is neat and legible.  Do not put your photos inside a binder, photo album or folder.   No heart stickers, fancy colored paper or cute messages on the envelope or inside.
7 Update Your Voicemail & Check Spam Folders

PhotoAlto/Frederic Cirou/Getty Images
After you've taken the time to submit your photos and you've paid attention to every detail, don't screw it all up by having an unprofessional voice mail message or by missing an email.

Your voice mail message should be short and sweet.  Have a message that basically says your name and that you will return their call as soon as possible.  Make sure your mailbox is not full or make agents listen to 5 minutes of Kanye West, Celine Dion, or a personal prayer before they can leave a message.  Also, check your email spam and junk folders regularly for emails that may have been filed there by mistake.

Be a Professional at Every Stage
Remember that modeling agencies are looking for a complete package. It takes more than just good looks to be a successful model. Models need to be professional and business-like at every stage of the game. If an agency is trying to decide between you and another model the more professional model will always win out.

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7 Common Mistakes Made by New Models

Monday, October 24, 2016- By Admin

1.  Spending Too Much Money

All new models will have some basic start up expenses at some point, but becoming a fashion model shouldn't involve spending thousands of dollars to get started. 

Until you know for sure that an agency is interested in representing you you should keep your spending to a minimum.  While professional photo shoots may be great experience and modeling classes can be fun, they are unnecessary when you are first starting out.

 The most important thing to do when first starting out is to have some basic snapshots and to be seen by as many modeling agents and scouts as possible. 

2.  Bad Snapshots or Digitals
New models often don’t appreciate the importance of snapshots.  In fact, snapshots, or what agents call “Polaroids” or “Digitals”, are more important than professional photos.  Snapshots allow agents to clearly see your bone structure, the health of your skin and hair, and your body proportions such as the length or your neck, arms and legs.   

Agents and scouts want to see a clean canvas and how you look naturally.  They don’t want you to mask your potential with too much makeup or photos that have been touched up. 

12 Tips For Submitting the Right Type of Photos to Agencies

3.  Unprofessional Emails or Letters
Emailing or mailing your photos is usually the first point of communication between new models and agencies.

  How you present yourself in an email or letter says a lot about how you will present yourself to clients.  Spelling errors or language that is too familiar or casual for business correspondence will often lead to agents and clients hitting the delete button or tossing your material in the waste basket.

  Always keep your emails and correspondence concise, to the point and free of unnecessary personal information.  Always use your spell checker.  

4.  Being Too Eager
It may sound strange but wanting to be a model really, really badly isn't necessarily a good thing. It can cloud your judgement. Every day I receive emails from new models who say they will “do anything to become a model”.  Huh. What exactly does “anything” mean?  For reputable agents this is a red flag.  Agents don’t want to represent models who are willing to compromise their integrity for a booking or contract.  There is NO “casting couch” in modeling, and if an agent, client or photographer puts you in a compromising situation you shouldn’t walk, you should run!

Modeling Safety - How to Protect Yourself From Online Predators

5.  Not Getting Enough Exposure
Don’t limit yourself to just one market.  If you want to become the next Tyra Banks, Coco Rocha or Gisele you must work internationally. You don’t need to have representation in every market to get started, but being seen by agencies in a multitude of markets will significantly increase your chances of obtaining representation.


Top 5 Myths About Becoming a Model

6.  Taking Rejection Personally
It is difficult for anyone to hear that their “look” isn’t right on a daily basis. Whatever an agent or client thinks of your particular look it never, ever has anything to do with who you are as a person.  Models are chosen and rejected based on a multitude of factors; a client may not book a model simply because they look exactly like another model booked for the shoot, or that they have too many blondes and need a brunette.  Please don't internalize these messages, the fact that you have been asked to audition for a job or meet with an agent means they like you, and that's always a good thing.  

Why You Shouldn't Try to Book a Job at Your Next Audition

7.  Giving Up Too Soon
Many of today’s supermodels were turned down numerous times before they were signed to an agency. In fact, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who, according to Forbes Magazine, earned $47 million in 2014, was rejected by no less than 42 agents before finally succeeding on her 43rd try. Becoming a model is a process. It takes time, patience and perseverance.  So, if becoming a model is your dream then keep at it, you never know, you could be the next Gisele.
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